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Expected pulbication date: July 28, 2021

What is "Aerosmith On Tour, 1973-1985"? This is the companion website to an UNOFFICIAL & UNSANCTIONED print book project that has been worked on since 2004 that details the touring history of the band. In late-2019, oddly with the band's 50th anniversary rapidly approaching, it had reached a point where the archivist felt it was time to share parts of it. Much of what will be in the book will be shared here, and on Facebook.

Why is it only "1973-1985"? There are several: Personal preference to focus on the "classic" era, size and scope of the project (the current print file is over 580 pages), economic, natural boundaries, etc...

What else is in there? Tour itineraries, attendance statistics, set list, and most importantly, contemporaneous newspaper show reviews! Currently, the JPP and WSH tour archives are included, along with tangents for Renegade. Whether or not they remain in the final version is TBD. Also included are album and single chart histories, song analyses, and discographies (including latter releases that incorporated material from the book's focus era). In early 2020 the attempt to gather interview material will commence...

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What sort of book? Black and white hard cover. Big glossy picture books are very expensive and photo licensing is highly problematic in this day and age (though quite a few photographs have been licensed for use).

Can I help? Most certainly! Being challenged on facts, details, and dates forms part of the process of being as accurate and complete as possible. As they say, it takes a village to raise a child! Contributions are most welcome, please see the email address below.

Who are you? Just a fan... One who enjoys trawling through archives.

AerosmithOnTour.com is an unofficial & unsanctioned fan website/book that not affiliated with the band, their management, or record labels or businesses, past or present, in any manner whatsoever.
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