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What is "Aerosmith On Tour"? This is the companion website to an UNOFFICIAL & UNSANCTIONED print book projects that have been in progress since 2004. The boos focuses on the touring history of Aerosmith in two volumes, based on local reviews of the shows and the contemporaneous critical perception of the band. Find us on Facebook.

What period of Aero-history is covered in the books Vol. 1 covers 1973-1985 and Vol. 2, 1985-2000. The work is currently divided in to two volumes, one covering the original Columbia era and the other the Geffen years. A third volume is a possibility...

What else is in these? Tour itineraries, attendance statistics, set lists, and most importantly, contemporaneous newspaper show reviews! Currently, the JPP and WSH tour archives are included in Vol. 1, along with tangents for Renegade. Also included are album and single chart histories, song analyses, and discographies (including latter releases that incorporated material from the book's focus era). Vol. 2 includes the cross-over period, so "Nine Lives," to allow closure with "A Little South of Sanity."

Physical attributes/details? The completed Vol. 1 book is 612 pages in A4 (8.27x11.69in; 210x297mm) paperback format. It weighs 3lbs 10oz (1,652g). Does it have photos? Yes! In black and white. It will be available exclusively via amazon.com in physical only format (no eBook is currently planned at this). MSRP $35.99. Vol. 2's final specs are pending.

Can I help? Most certainly! Being challenged on facts, details, and dates forms part of the process of being as accurate and complete as possible. The book is only a static copy of the most up-to-date information contained on the day the manuscript is generated and is never a project that can truly be completed. More and more will always be uncovered. Contributions/corrections/clarifications are most welcome, please see the email address below.

Who are you? Just a fan... One who enjoys trawling through archives, microfilm, libraries, travel... I've done similar books on KISS and Def Leppard.

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